Knowledge is Power

We need to agree on a common pool of information, in order to have a sensible discussion about the future.
Without a common pool of information, there can be no meaningful Democracy.

Why is any of this important?

Well, if you unpick politics, democracy, power ... it all comes down to making decisions.

Most of the time, we elect politicians to make all the little decisions on our behalf.
That's called 'representative democracy' (more about Democracy).

But when it comes to elections — or to a referendum, or even just to ensuring that our politicians are doing the right things on our behalf — we all need to make the big decisions. And to make the big decisions, we need to understand. We need to know the facts.

So, Talk Together has been working to ensure that you have access to facts.

Not just made up facts. Not just out of date facts - the sort which you might remember from school. Not just something which you heard once.

Facts. Recently checked. Up to date.

Not news as it happens, all in a rush. Carefully researched, carefully checked facts. Just for you!

Facts in a format which makes it easy to learn them, and easy to keep up to date into the future ... because we are going to keep working with our Fact Checking sources, to make sure that it all stays up to date.

(You can already register on the educational website we are using to give you the facts - Quizlet - and you will get reminders to keep your knowledge up to date. Even if the numbers need updating in the future!)

So Talk Together is bringing you the essential details, from a range of neutral, fact-checking experts.

We don't pretend to be experts. We are working with the experts.

We have no agenda ... except believing that the world is better if as many people as possible actually know the facts.
Not some version of the facts. Not statistics which persuade you to vote this way or that way. Not opinions. No nonsense.
Just the facts. Just the basic facts.

Up-to-date, objectively checked information.

In an easy-to-access, fun-to-learn format.
Just follow the links to find out more about what should be informing your world, our world, everyone's world!

If you would like to learn more, to ask a question, to make a suggestion, or to contact us for any other reason, please email us.
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