Knowledge is Power

We need to agree on a common pool of information, in order to have a sensible discussion about the future.
Without a common pool of information, there can be no meaningful Democracy.


Talk Together is an independent not-for-profit run by volunteers.
We address complex social, national and international issues through discussion and awareness raising.

Our current project involves looking at how clear, useful, engaging and relevant information can influence the way in which democracy in the UK could operate more effectively and efficiently.

Talk Together

Talk Together operates as
a series of a collaborative projects between
Talk Together and
a range of different educational,
private and media organisations,
depending on the project.

Talk Together is strictly a
not-for-profit initiative.


Talk Together gathers together people from different perspectives and challenges them to generate new ways forward. The project confronts prejudice, fosters understanding, locates and explores potential new solutions, stimulates wider public debate. Our face-to-face programmes - often working particularly with young people - give the participants the educational experience of a lifetime.


In recent years, Talk Together projects have included :

Hosting an international group of students in Oxford to discuss the issue of Western Sahara
(Western Sahara: Summer 2009)
For more infomation about these projects, please follow this link
Facilitating simultaneous workshops in Norway and Swaziland on issues around discrimination
(Discrimination: Spring 2012)
Engaging hundreds of people in an online discussion about international education
(The UWC Debate: 2012/13)

The focus in 2013/2014 was on the nature of volunteering - specifically on how to : ensure the quality of projects, e nsure the quality of the experience and learning for the volunteer, and improve quality in the sector.
(Pursuing Quality in International Volunteering, with the University of Brighton)



If you would like to learn more, to ask a question, to make a suggestion, or to contact us for any other reason, please email us.
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