Knowledge is Power

We need to agree on a common pool of information, in order to have a sensible discussion about the future.
Without a common pool of information, there can be no meaningful Democracy.

There are many problems with our political system, and with our politicians.

A quick example might be that we are trying to achieve too many things with just one vote every 5 years -

  1. select a good local representative,
  2. select a party which seems as though it could govern competently,
  3. select a manifesto of what we want to happen.

Rather than concentrating on the problems, we need to focus on creating solutions.
We need to work together to use our electoral system better.

No one is as clever as everyone, working and thinking together.
We need to elect our representatives to serve, not to rule.

Putting our heads together, and using a combination of technology and media, we can share ideas, learn some of the facts and background to what is happenning and what the options are for the future ... and then select the best options. Together.

Creating a clear and powerful description of the sort of country we all want to live in.

And then we can elect politicians who will work on the details, and deliver our collective agenda — not their own.

We don't need politicians who have to struggle to be experts in everything, when they actually have no experience other than politics.
We need people who will work on the details of what delivering what we want for the future.

Don't wait for politicians to say what they want to do.
Tell them what you want them to do.

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