Contribute your ideas. Vote for the best ideas. Change the agenda.
Combining all the best ideas and clear information, to set the political agenda for the future ...


There are so many reasons why.

Perhaps the biggest — and simplest — is that we need to be able to share the best ideas, the best insights, and the best expertise.

We need to be able to share those ideas quickly, smoothly, transparently, and easily.

Only together can we hope to find the best possible solutions.

The current party political system - often fuelled by media seeking to dramatise or speculate - does not serve us as well as it could.
There is a tendency towards impetuous decision making, a lack of background thinking and consensus building, and inadequate follow through — by a political class which too often has insufficient experience of the world outside politics.
We should not be restricted to only what is possible for limited government resources under a media spotlight and (perceived) time pressure to make an impact.

There are lots of good people and organisations doing lots of good thinking.
Too often, this thinking exists in isolation — in think tanks, in lobby groups, in universities, as well as in government departments.
There are good ideas in individual heads and in private discussions, which people don't know how to share effectively.

There is also a lot of misinformed thinking, perhaps because our assumptions are out of date, perhaps because the media focusses on exciting stories which give us a skewed understanding of the world, of risks, of relative proportions, and so on, and perhaps for other reasons.

We need to facilitate the sharing, grouping, coordination and understanding of the clearest, unbiased information, and of the best thinking, to inform the best decision-making.

And we need to make that information available to everyone, and accessible to everyone.

Here are a few more reasons why:
  • Our voting system is not sufficient for the modern world.
  • We can't have a Referendum on every issue.
  • Public opinion is poorly measured
  • We need to represent all interest groups.
  • We need our government to deal with difficult problems.
  • We need our government to administer competently, not just to rush

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