Contribute your ideas. Vote for the best ideas. Change the agenda.
Combining all the best ideas and clear information, to set the political agenda for the future ...
  A little political theory ...
These links take you through some of the background as to why all of this is important, step by step.
They assume no prior knowledge, so you can start from the begining and read through, or jump in wherever you like.
How it is supposed to work Why it isn't working  What can we do about it?
1.0: The Socal Contract 2.1 First Past the Post: Constituencies 3.0 Summary so far
1.1: Democracy 2.2 First Past the Post: Parties 3.1 Is the problem that people don't care? 
1.2: Majorities and respecting minorities 2.3 Votes Cast 3.2 Should there be more consultation? 
1.3: Alternatives to Democracy 2.4 Ministers and Safe Seats 3.3 Is the answer just to sign petitions?  
1.4: Representative Democracy 2.5 The Political Class 3.4 So what can we do?
1.5 Selecting a Representative 2.6 The Blunders of our Governments  
  2.7 Media Expectations  

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