Contribute your ideas. Vote for the best ideas. Change the agenda.
Combining all the best ideas and clear information, to set the political agenda for the future ...

The 20:20 Vision project provides a single focus for all the best ideas, from everyone.

Planning how to make it work better in the future.
Making it clear to the government what all of us really want to happen.
And what sort of country we want to live in.

The 20:20 Vision project brings together all the best ideas, explanations, background, costs, details - and what the impact of those ideas is likely to be - so that you can vote for the ideas you think are important
Important background to that discussion is to be clear about what is happening now, and whether what politicians say is actually true

They say that people today are not engaged by politics. But that's not true.
People are just not engaged by party politics.

All across the UK, people are passionate about issues.

That's brilliant! It's great to be part of a society which really cares about what happens.
But if we really want to make a difference in what happens, we need more than just lots of separate efforts.

We need to combine passions, energy, effort, enthusiasm.
We need overall themes, coordination.
We need insight, not just assumptions.

The 20:20 Vision project provides a single focus for all the best ideas, with information about why those ideas are important, and about what is needed to make those ideas a reality. It's not about every single detail, but it is about the general themes of how our country is run, and about all of us understanding why and how. And then voting on those ideas ... so that the ideas which are most important to all of us, together, are highlighted to the government of the day.


If you would like to learn more, to ask a question, to make a suggestion, or to contact us for any other reason, please email us.
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