Contribute your ideas. Vote for the best ideas. Change the agenda.
Combining all the best ideas and clear information, to set the political agenda for the future ...

Agreeing on the best ideas

This is our main focus at the moment.

The key objectives are

  1. to provide accessible and meaningful information to inform decision making, and
  2. to make it easy to understand and relate to this information, so that
  3. everyone can participate in forming a shared agenda.

Test programmes will be made available shortly, using existing learning platforms (such as Memrise) and participation platforms(such as Facebook).

The aim is not just to inform decision making, but to be able to demonstrate that collective decisions are backed by informed understanding of the issues.
This makes the collective decisions much more meaningful, and more convincing for the politicians who are then charged with implementing them.

More information will be made available soon.

If you would like to learn more, to ask a question, to make a suggestion, or to contact us for any other reason, please email us.
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