Knowledge is Power

We need to agree on a common pool of information, in order to have a sensible discussion about the future.
Without a common pool of information, there can be no meaningful Democracy.

The essential facts, in our special
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and a chance to test your knowledge, with our
... come and have a go, if you think you know enough!
How Government Works (or doesn't work ... )

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Social Issues

We are gradually expanding our Key Points presentations to include information about the UK, about how it works
... and sometimes about how it is not working as well as it could be!

This is not a news website. It is not an expression of what we think.

We have taken information provided by other organisations.
Organisations which exist to think about things carefully, and to check the details
(or, in the case of news organiations, those parts of those organisations which think carefully and check,
rather than the rush to the biggest headlines).

We have structured that information so that it is easier to get to the .

We have added in extra ways of for you to check that you have understood, and to help you to remember details,
with our and , and finally .
(and in case you are worried about the details, you can always check the original ! )

The world is a wonderful, exciting, interesting and intriguing place.

But it won't really make sense, unless you understand the facts behind it all.
Your opinion will only really count, if you are making up your own mind.

Just follow the links above,
to take you to a series of facts and figures, so that you can really understand.
And so you can tell if what you are hearing
- on the news, in the pub, from a politician, from a friend -
is really sensible or not!

We like to call it our Voter Information Pack.
Because it's for a V.I.P.. You!

The experts!
(straight from the Source's Mouth...)

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