Knowledge is Power

We need to agree on a common pool of information, in order to have a sensible discussion about the future.
Without a common pool of information, there can be no meaningful Democracy.

Brexit and the EU

Our first set of facts are focussed on the important facts which will help us all to understand the EU, the relationship between Britain and the EU, the good and bad bits of leaving the EU, and generally all you need to know about Brexit.

You have probably heard lots of people saying this or that about Brexit. Perhaps the most important fact of all, is that anyone who says that they KNOW what is going to happen after Britain leaves the EU, is wrong. No one actually knows. Because it's never been done before.

Brexit will probably have some good bits. And there will probably be some difficult bits.

But it won't really make sense, unless you understand the facts behind it all.
Your opinion will only really count, if you are making up your own mind.

Just follow the link here, to take you to a series of facts and figures, so that you can really understand.
And so you can tell if what you are hearing - on the news, in the pub, from a politician, from a friend - is really sensible or not!

We like to call it our Voter Information Pack.
Because it's for a V.I.P.. You!

You have three choices. You can ...

  • Read the original article;
  • Review the essential facts from the article, in our special Learn presentations; or ...
  • Test yourself, straightaway ... come and have a go, if you think you know enough!
Test Yourself

What is
the EU?

What is
the EU?
EU Law and
the UK
EU Law and
the UK
Who runs
the EU?
Who runs
the EU?
What is the Single Market? What is the Single Market?
The UK's EU Membership Fee The UK's EU Membership Fee
Trade with
the EU
Trade with
the EU
BREXIT Options BREXIT Options

Why is this important?

It doesn't matter whether you want to leave the EU or not, it's a big step, and we all need to understand what's going on.

Just have a look at this short video here, to give you an idea of why you need to know more!

Or, if you prefer reading, what about this Guardian article?

Knowledge is power.
So this is how you really start to take back control!

All you need to know about Brexit

The experts!
(straight from the Source's Mouth...)

Have we missed anything out?

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